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Tokyo, my love

You meet someone and feel immediate chemistry. An attraction beyond words, time, and space.  Tokyo resembles this same person – charismatic, peculiar, and intriguing. The world’s largest city is an exciting wonderland where you can feel childish, sexy, and sophisticated at the same time. An eclectic cocktail of art, masculinity, quirkiness, serendipities, tastes, and scents. It’s a contradictory blend of sensuality and cuteness. A never-ending intense sensory experience. Tokyo is like someone whom you could chat with for hours on endless topics and you don’t ever get bored. The ‘eastern capital’ is one of my favorite places to experience and I would love to return one day and discover more of its secrets.

Edo, as Tokyo was named in the beginning, is so clean that you could roll yourself down its streets without getting a single stain on you. The seats in the subway cars sparkle – the colors are popping and the upholstery looks brand-new. More likely, invisible hands tirelessly do their magic.

How could you not be in a great mood when in Tokyo?! The sense of discovery and adventure is omnipresent. Every corner is an inviting door to the unknown. Weird, merry sounds envelop your ears and put a smile on your face. Humanoid robots entertain and astonish. As a first-time visitor, you think that the large billboards in Shinjuku showing boys with funky hairstyles are advertisements. They are – but not for fancy hair studios. As if taken out of manga or anime, the guys on display have a very different purpose. 

Service is world-class and food is magnificent – Tokyo’s dining scene is considered the best in the world. Moreover, you don’t need to splurge on one of the city’s 226 Michelin-starred restaurants to enjoy a gustatory experience. Casual restaurants are also praiseworthy.

Tokyo definitely conveys a masculine personality with its futuristic high-rise buildings. Steel, glass, and concrete hint at charm, not rudeness. Modernity and innovation meet tradition and ancient history. Skyscrapers contrast with Shinto shrines and delicate gardens.  The city’s business spirit competes with elegant tea houses but never overwhelms them.

Rumor has it that you need at least 2 weeks to see Tokyo properly. Probably a lifetime would not be enough to get to know this alluring personality.



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