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    Bienvenue à Paris

    A second time for me in Paris after 21 years, this time the goal is Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This is our most spontaneous trip so far, we booked it only a week in advance.  So much is said and written about Paris. A lot of people are enchanted by it, I prefer New York. There are nice cobblestone streets, pretty views, and amazing museums, but it’s not my place.   Yes’s Food is king in Paris. There are 24-hour restaurants, even corner cafés serve decent meals. The presentation is impressive – art on a plate. A two or three-course meal is a convenient lunch option. …

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    Poland in the fall: Warsaw & Łódź

    Almost 2 years since we traveled, this is our first trip during COVID-19. The goal is a friend’s wedding in the Polish countryside.  Idyllic, romantic, and beautiful – the picture in my head of a wedding experience. The reality is that attending a wedding could be an adrenaline-rush activity. On the way, we visit Warsaw and Łódź. Warsaw Warsaw is clean and very walkable, the buildings are pleasant. The spacious streets are remarkable with the lack of joggers and inconsiderate electric scooter riders. Probably the most famous part of the Polish capital is the Old Town, a Unesco World Heritage Site. It’s also Warsaw’s oldest and most picturesque neighborhood. The…

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    Huka Falls, softly fierce

    When I saw Huka Falls before the trip to New Zealand, I knew we had to go there. I have a thing for waterfalls and this one looked promising. However, it seemed like we wouldn’t have time for it. After the challenges of  Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the 19.4 km long hiking trail, we head back to Taupo. I don’t give up on the hope of seeing Huka Falls – we came from the other side of the world, let’s just do it! Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand, winds lazily in emerald green and blue until we are overwhelmed by a powerful roar. From serene, the river here…

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