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    Be yourself? The adventures of an introvert

    Social expectations are well known to the introvert: one is expected to be confident during public speaking, comfortable around people, outgoing, and cheerful. Shyness is retro. Companies look for extroverted individuals. While I’m not an extrovert to meet these expectations, I’ve found my own ways to navigate the extroverted world. Adrenaline Christmas celebration in the kindergarten. The room was full of proud parents waiting with excitement to hear their kids praise Santa Claus. We were standing in a row and each kid stepped up to chirp about the holiday spirit. It was my turn and I felt a tsunami of shyness falling over me. I couldn’t do it! I hid…

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    Long-distance friendSHIPS & relationships

    Friendships and relationships need constant hard work and nourishment. The long-distance ones can be even more challenging to keep alive with time. ”Far from the eyes, far from the heart” – sadly yes, in my experience. Coincidence or not, I met many people in my life first online. Sometimes I amuse myself with the thought ”what if we first met offline  – would it had been any different?”. In other cases, I moved out of town or the other person did. Many factors define whether a friendship or a relationship would flourish or fade away, however, my impression is that the less you see someone, the harder it gets to…

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    Birthday thoughts and cake

    I was born yesterday for the 35th time. My mother remembers a thunderstorm the night before and rays of sunshine around noon on my birthday. This year location and latitude are different and there was a quick storm the evening before. Probably a coincidence. August is honey and amber, a summer as mature as old wine.  I am grateful it chose me. Birthdays are not a time to regret getting old and cry over it. They are rather a moment to pause, wipe out any worries or sadness and enjoy yourself. Last year I made a red velvet cake, this year I decided to pay tribute to a few of…

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