• Yayoi Kusama, Hymn Of Life. Synesthetic.

    Synesthetic: hearing colors, seeing sounds

    Once in primary school, I shared with a classmate that I see colors when I listen to music; that letters and numbers have their own colors. She looked at me in horror and exclaimed: ”This is not normal!”. To see music, letters, and numbers in color has always been normal to me. I never asked myself about this ”weird” ability of mine, I don’t remember wondering whether everyone else sees the world this way – I enjoyed the wonderful synesthetic world I was in and wanted to keep it all to myself. Many moons later I got curious what is this phenomenon about. Does it have a name? Has anyone researched…

  • Daintree rainforest

    K-beauty: a long-lasting passion

    Snail slime? Placenta (gladly, not human)? Gold? I’ve never heard of such exotic skin care ingredients before. Until the fall of 2015 during a trip to Japan when I discovered K-beauty. While browsing a huge store in Tokyo, I saw an area with unusual cosmetics: masks with out-of-your-comfort-zone ingredients, attractive package designs, cute colors, and descriptions in broken English. I wanted to buy Japanese cosmetics and my eyes were tempted by a promising name: a pearl mask. Why not try this one as well, it’s Korean. Slightly unsure about the claimed brightening effect, I wanted to give it a go. At this time, I didn’t know that ”brightening” in Asian cosmetics doesn’t mean…

  • Whitehaven Beach
    Shared,  Travel experiences

    Post-vacation blues

    It happens every time after vacation and it begins a few days before the vacation comes to an end. The same feeling of not wanting to leave behind the place, its flavors, moods, and spirit. That same feeling of melancholy is even stronger if the destination has become a favorite. Vows to come back are a useless deception – always something happens, plans change, and traveling to new places bring me anywhere else but back to the same location. I believe that if I can see something now, I shouldn’t postpone for when I come back one day. Returns are rare. I get attached to places and don’t want to go…