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Oslo Pride is a colorful celebration of queer love and diversity. An event during which the great mood is contagious and everybody is genuinely happy. The 10-day festival is in the form of art exhibitions, movie screenings, parties, concerts, and political debates. The culmination is Oslo Pride Parade where thousands of people gather on the streets of Oslo to show support and have fun. Parade participants give away to the crowd candies, lollipops, condoms, and magazines.

This year’s parade topic was family and many of the parade participants wore posters with slogans ”A family is more than a mother, a father, and a kid” and t-shirts declaring proud moms, daughters, aunts, teachers, and colleagues.

The crowd was very supportive and cheering; everyone radiated pure joy, happiness, and excitement. Many families brought along their kids and they really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Companies like IKEA and ACCENTURE encouraged their employees to go to work the way they are: their authentic selves.

There were no fences to separate the crowd from the parade participants. The police were there, but they were barely noticeable. Everything went smoothly – no pressure, no problems. Just love.

Until the next Pride.



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