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Bienvenue à Paris

A second time for me in Paris after 21 years, this time the goal is Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This is our most spontaneous trip so far, we booked it only a week in advance. 

So much is said and written about Paris. A lot of people are enchanted by it, I prefer New York. There are nice cobblestone streets, pretty views, and amazing museums, but it’s not my place.



Food is king in Paris. There are 24-hour restaurants, even corner cafés serve decent meals. The presentation is impressive – art on a plate. A two or three-course meal is a convenient lunch option. 

Pastry shops and bakeries at every corner! The French are serious about desserts and it’s easy to surrender to temptation, especially for someone with a big sweet tooth. Ladurée macarons are the best we’ve ever tried.

The city is walkable and walking enthusiasts would appreciate that. For 5 days we use the metro only once.



Even during COVID-19, the touristy feeling is present nearly everywhere. I think we get off the beaten path at one place, but there are already people having 10-minute long photo sessions. Patience is a virtue in Paris.

The entire time we have the feeling that visitors are unwanted and can’t afford the high French culture. The stereotype that French people are well-mannered is questionable. Overall, there is no desire to speak English, you get the feeling that you bother everyone with your mere existence once they find out you are foreign. Despite this experience, we are lucky with a waitress with very pleasant small talk skills and try a local beer called ‘The man without a heart’. 




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