• Inspiration

    Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Arc de Triomphe: game of wind and light

    I knew we had to visit Paris and see L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped by  Christo and Jeanne-Claude when I first heard about the art project in 2019. Financed entirely with the artists’ personal funds, the 60-year-old dream finally comes true in September and lasts 16 days. It’s wrapped in 25, 000 square meters of recyclable polypropylene fabric. Dressed up in silver, during these two weeks the Arc de Triomphe sparks controversy. The online opinions of the masses are powerful: a garbage bag, a piece of sheet, useless, ugly, schizophrenic, meaningless, damaging to the environment, only snobs like it… But also ingenious, exciting, beautiful, and one of a kind. Christo himself…

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