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Norwegian summer

Norwegian summer is like a moody kid – hard to please but worth the effort. Sunny and warm days are almost always conquered by dark gray skies and raindrops. On Monday you wear your bathing suit and on Tuesday – your jacket.


Norwegian summer is blond hair, red faces. Private (speed)boats cruising the sea, bringing together families and children’s laughter. Walks along the river and whispering of waterfalls.


Summertime in Norway is quiet July, closed stores, movie theatres on vacation. Nearly the whole nation goes on vacation. It’s an unwritten rule. Oslo is in full bloom and the streets are half empty.


Norwegian summer is street food trucks, crowded urban beaches, ice cream cones, and cakes with cream. Dinners on the balcony, sunsets after ten in the evening; it’s never completely dark in the bedroom. Time perception is meaningless, clocks are deceptive.


Summer in Norway is to hike the mountains, watch the fjords, and pick wild berries in the forest. Bathing in 15°C warm seawater, grilling food on the beach,  and fishing in the sea. Biking in the forest and absorbing the sun on a rooftop or a balcony is a common sight.


If a Norwegian summer is too hot, something is wrong. It must be a heatwave. Not too warm, not too cold, summer in Norway is enough to maintain happiness. Or to intensify melancholy.


Norwegian summer is Pride Month, celebrating love and diversity with parties, movies, art, and cultural events. Buildings and stores in downtown Oslo proudly display the rainbow flag. Is society really tolerant and accepting?


Colors of the summer in Norway are brighter, deeper, more welcoming. Baby blue or pigeon gray, the sky contradicts the red, white, and yellow-orange houses.


Norwegian summer is short. It’s over before one has solved its mysteries. Fragile like its sunny days, it rushes through June and July to fade away in August. It’s bittersweet like homemade lemonade and it should be enjoyed before it’s gone.







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